Acronym expansion question

What does LNAF and TCAS stand for?(i think LNAF and TCAS is right) :confused:

I think you mean LNAV= Lateral NAVigation or Long range NAVigation

TCAS= Traffic Collision and Avoidance System, or as I like to call it “Best thing ever!”

Thanks alot! I was watching a video of Virgin 19 heavy landing at SFO, and it was a British pilot and it sounded like he said LNAF. :smiley:

Life’s Not Always Fair.

anyone know what PFM stands for?

It’s a toss up between Pure F#*$ing Magic, Pelvic Floor Muscle, or Professional Flight Management. But that’s just me.

Pure Fu*king Magic- that’s what I say when I have no clue how something works