Estimated Departure for a Flight Yet to Depart - flightXML3



We are trying to explore the FlightXML3 to use the flightInfo API. We are getting a steady 600 seconds delay (between STD and ETD) for all flights which are yet to depart.

Can you share why is this delay coming for all flights?


Are these commercial flights or general aviation flights? Could you provide some examples?


These are Commercial flights. Please try flight number IGO105.




I believe it is some period we use to assume taxi time from gate departure to runway takeoff if gate departure = runway takeoff.



Since this 600 delay is coming as standard it is very difficult for us to figure if the flight is actually going to be delayed or is just an assumption. Further, if we look at the historic operation of the flight, this delay estimate is not accurate.

Can you please advise on what should be situation if the flight is actually delayed by the airlines by 600 seconds. Will the data then show 1200 seconds delay?


The 600 seconds is just an assumption for us because we dont have information on the difference between gate departure and runway departure. If a flight is delayed, you might see a change in estimated_departure_time, departure_delay, estimated_arrival_time, or arrival_delay.

The estimated_departure_time will be set as actual_departure_time upon the flight actually departing.