Error with Flown Route


I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, however, when I am looking at flights that depart and arrive from the same airport (Mainly GA aircraft), only a tiny amount of the flown route is displayed. For example, when I search up VH-JMU (YSBK Fri 10/02/2017 08:53 AEDT - YSBK Fri 10/02/2017 10:10 AEDT) only a tiny green blip of the route is shown (Screenshot Provided). I used to be able to get the full flown route 3-4 days ago, when it tracked out north west and then down south before returning to Bankstown (YSBK).

This is not the only aircraft this is happening with, other examples are: VH-HIG, EI-SEV, VH-TTZ, VH-KCL, VH-XGL just to name a few.

If someone is able to look into this for me it would be greatly appreciated.
Bailey F

Thanks for your report, we had a bug opened for this exact problem a couple days ago, and a fix for the problem will be released this afternoon, approx. 1600 CST.

Basically, due to a calculation error, the map was only drawing the first and last position of the flight with a straight line between them.

Thanks guys, Working fine now,

Much appreciated,
Bailey F