Error on page

It started approximately two weeks ago- When on discussion pages I see an “Error on page” message on the bottom left corner of Explorer. Also, I’ve noticed when I click “Back” after reading discussion posts nothing happens- I have to click “Back” twice to go to the previous page- It sounds like a minor problem but it is actually really annoying! Also, the logo on the header on discussion boards fails to load- it just shows a blue Explorer “i” icon and “Error on page.” I’ve tried on a few different PCs- all XP Home and Pro and the results are the same. I’m thinking this might be a FA issue that is being worked out. Thoughts?

It’s probably an issue with the squawkbox. We should take it off for now.

Ok. Thank you for your help!

I have been getting an error when ever I go to a thread and click a topic just to the left of the topic is a box with a blinking cursor. When I roll my mouse over it to high-lite what it is it comes up as a Road Runner link with this listed in the “Properties” … erLeft.jpg

It says it was there since the 24th. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have scanned my system with Malware Malbytes and come up empty…so Im not sure what the hell it is. :question:

Mark, I had sent a pm about it but until today had never right clicked to learn anymore about the area. Thanks for the help.

P.S. I just noticed on the main page for discussions I also get the error on page note.

Should be OK now.

Yep!!! Mark you are the man!!

Thank you for the hard work!!!