Errant flights over or near Omaha


Out of curiosity, why does China Southern #738 appear daily NNE of Omaha? I rather doubt a flight plan from YMML to ZSPD would route into Iowa. This is not the only anomaly to appear in that area, but the most frequent on that track.


would love to investigate a bit on this…are you saying CSN738 is flight number? approx what time of day each day do you see it on the map? which airport?


CSN 738 is the flight number. It is a flight between Melborne and Peking. As far as time of day, I have seen it twice and three times a day in that same track. I will be watching tomorrow and note exactly how many times it appears, and to where it goes away.


upon further investigation, we have examples of several flights around australia whose waypoints are not unique in the world. The flight you noticed going between australia and china but whose route includes Omaha is one whose waypoints include hawaii and a couple of USA locations because of waypoint duplication. We are working on a solution.


I am guessing the best solution is on the side of the Aviation Authorities who have such duplicates. No?