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Tracking Glitch - Waypoint on Route Erroneously Tagged as New Flight

Found an error with this Swoop flight from YXX to LAS; SEA was a waypoint on the route, but FlightAware picked it up as a separate flight, flying SEA-LAS: WSW804P-1577984617-9-9-1

The correct flight, without a stop at SEA is WSW800-1577801700-schedule-0000.


It looks like two distinct flightplans for WSW804/C-FYPB were received, the second being submitted as the aircraft flew over Seattle. This caused two instances WSW804/C-FYPB (WSW804-1577896236-1-0-19 and WSW804P-1577984617-9-9-1)to be operating at the same time

A bug has been opened for our flight tracking team to have a look into this unusual case.

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