Enroute data not showing up

I know flightAware has gone through some updates, but I can no longer view enroute flights over airports. I use KBHM quite frequently and used to I could view the inbound/outbound flights as well as most of the overflights. Now when I pull up the map on any airport, it only shows a few data blocks for inbound/outbound and shows nothing on overflights. Is there a setting I need to change?

Is it not showing just the kind of aircraft, or airline. Or nothing at all?

In the upper right corner of the map there is an orange box with a white circle and a white cross in it. Click that and it brings up the different overlays you can add to or remove from the airport map. Double check to make sure the “Vicinity” box is checked. Hope this helps you out.

In addition to the options mkiogima mentioned, if you zoom out too far (so that too many aircraft would be displayed) we’ll hide the overflights and only show traffic to/from your airport.