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enable/disable position

how can I disable the position only function , I am getting anomalies from flightaware

Go into your FA login account detail, that should be your first tab option on the LHS, (2 options your account details or log out) that should take you to the section where you told FA all about yourself when you set up the account. Option 6 in here, position only flights selection. :slight_smile:

Option 6 in here, position only flights selection.

This has been changed and that option isn’t there. It takes you to the screen that shows the different options at each pay level. I guess means that option isn’t free anymore?

Position-only flights are on globally now, so that option went away.
Do you specifically want to turn off position-only flights for some reason?

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No. I’ve just noticed that FR24 often shows flights that aren’t on FA, so I thought I needed to enable that option.