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Do FA track and show only registered flight?

Ok, maybe I’m on the wrong site !

I read and understand that FA doesn’t track & show military and special planes (eg. AirForce 1), but what about GA, private planes and (why not) a glider ?

  • I thought FA would track a lot of traffic, included traffic without position using MLAT. Wrong ??
  • only airlines with flight-plans shown ?
  • do I miss something ?

Other web-pages and sites show all types of flight … here i feel confused … maybe I live this site … sorry !

You have to enable position-only flights in your account settings.

There was a discussion about some flights not shown on the live map due to technical/performance reasons, can’t find that now, unfortunately.

While you can then get position-only flights when you search for the callsign after enabling that in the account settings, it doesn’t help you for the live map.

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