why are so many 'restricted for public view' just on FA?

… other flight-tracking sites show many/all of them?
second question is - do at least we feeders have an option to see all our worldwide delivered uncensored and mlat data aggregated?



These are position-only flights i.e. those that can’t be matched to a flightplan.

You can see all the data you’re feeding locally directly off piaware/dump1090.

ah - ok - understand - this has nothing to do with hiding military or very important government flights.
just a thought - but wouldn’t it be a great thing for all of us feeding with their sites - to have a ‘special feeder mode’ on fa where we could see all traffic from our sites aggregated. additionally other cooperational frameworks became obsolete if it were possible on flightaware …

What aggregation would you want to see that you don’t already get?

maybe i’m missing something - but e.g. the flight i was posting above in the screenshot wasn’t displayed on the fa live flight tracking map but in planefinder and flightradar24 maps.

what i’d love to have would be a special feeder login - where a map with all (incl. military etc.) aircrafts is shown and we could see which site at the moment is used for positions and if mlat what sites produce the position :slight_smile:

You posted a screenshot of a flight on a FlightAware map and you’re saying that flight wasn’t displayed on FlightAware’s map?

yup - i did not see the flight on the live flight tracking site - but on my vrs radar and fr24.
→ then inserted the tail number into fa search field → voila there i found the aircraft and made the screenshot

I’m not sure if /live/ shows everything but you could see the tail number on your ads-b stats page or an airport page or dump1090 web interface.

but that is exactly what i was wondering about …

here is the screen of ‘how well i submit position to you from there’ :slight_smile: