Embed the live tracker?

Hey, so Im trying to make a little website for watching various modes of travel on a global scale. The main flight tracker on the main page would be really helpful but I cannot figure out any way to embed it to my site the way the delay map can be. I already have a live tracker for ships in the water, but every site that offers any kind of embedding for air travel wants to shove massive ads over half the box it seems. This is the only service that doesn’t seem to be trying to make ads the main priority while still being a quality service so I was really hoping to get that map embedded but Ive been trying various ideas for 2 hours and cannot figure out a way.

Any help?

To be clear, I don’t want specific flights or airports or locations. Just the main map that’s on https://flightaware.com itself.

Also, I’m building the site on google sites so it has some weirdness to embedding sometimes

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