Elton John


Does any one know if Elton John has a plane and if so what is the N # ? Thanks


Not that I’ve ever heard, but I was wrong once already today.


With Sir Elton Hercules John (birth name Reginald Kenneth Dwight) being a British subject, his aircraft may not be registered in the USA. Instead, it may have a UK (G) registration or possibly, for tax purposes, Bermuda (VP-B) or Cayman Islands (VP-C) registration.


Damiross is no doubt on the right track, but after more pondering I seem to remember seeing him come into Nice, France on a charter when we happened to be there a few years ago. Well, I didn’t actually see him, but heard about it from another crew.


Airplane? Not sure. I’ve always considered him to be more of a Rocket Man…


he does not have his own aircraft , uses charters.


Thanks, Phil



Shatner does ROCKET MAN! :laughing:


I like Stewie Griffin doing Shatner doing Rocket Man. I’m pretty sure Fox has yanked all the good Family Guy clips off YouTube by now.


Chris Elliott does Shatner doing Rocket Man too.


PA & Needle, those are both hillarious!!!

Phil33 check your PM.


Sir Elton John arrives for the Top of the Mountain Concert 2008 Ischgl.

On board Sir Elton John returning from the Top of the Mountain Concert in Ischgl.

She came because of an Elton John concert.

Arriving with Sir Elton John onboard

Sir Elton John arriving in Wellington for his one night concert. This would be very rare for NZ skies.

Elton John face


From many years ago…

airliners.net/photo/Elton-Jo … 0180506/L/


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Ask and Ye shall receive!


I remember seeing that 720 at ONT around that time. May have been a few years later as I think Led Zep was using it.


He arrived in Pullman, WA in a C650 listed to a production company out of Santa Monica, CA. History won’t go back far enough to pull the tail number.