Billy Joel and Elton John Tour


I’m not sure which one is using this aircraft


Looks like there are 3 total


I’d guess GTH72 is Elton since it was going back and forth to Atlanta.


N117RY is indeed Billy Joel’s aircraft
GTH72 Is Elton Johns


Oh wow! How do you guys know this?




GTH72 (Gotham 72) = N728LB

the same as Bruce Wayne = Batman


Wait! You mean to tell me that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne?

HOLY CRAP! I didn’t see that one at all!


POW!!! Now you know :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


And knowing is half the battle.

Whoops, wrong cartoon.


Interesting, he was on GTH72 earlier in the week for his tour in Ontario (which you can track). Then I didn’t see anything for his show in CYXS. I then saw and heard his bird in CYLW on N162JC.


Here it is in CYXS


That plane would be Jim Carrey’s old jet…


Not real adept at posting flight plans, but looks like Elton’s ride back to Europe after a couple of shows stateside is N33XE tonight out of KTVL at 2330 PDT.