Elapsed Time Video: Heavy Air Traffic


Hi All,

Long time FlightAware member but first post here on the boards. Thought I could kick off my first message with a link to a elapsed time video I put together featuring Logan Intl. Airport, Boston, MA during rush hour. Couldn’t embed the video, so here is the link:


Check out my main page if you want to see more aviation spotting videos:

Chris M.


Pretty cool, thanks Chris

John in Saudi


That’s awesome! :wink:


Great video!

I want to spot down in Boston but haven’t had the chance. I live in SW NH.

Any great/bad locations to spot?



Great video Chris, the little flyers take off like flies. Thanks for posting.


Visit Castle Island in South Boston! Its easy to get too and many areas to spot from.


Thank you all! ATC does a phenomenal job of maintaining smooth operations.