I hear planes on my scanner. I understand most of what they say, but what is the EFC?


Expect Further Clearance. Usually issued when asked to hold.


Cool! thanks!


Usually issued to all aircraft trying to escape TEB !!


I thought that was “hold for release” :smiley:


Nope, that’s wrong too.
Most often it’s:
“Teterboro gate, Avantair 140 ready for engine start”
“Avantair 140, teterboro gate, roger, you’re number 23, standby on the frequency for engine start.”

…and I kid you not.


Hold For Release - Time to Spare-Go By Air!


:unamused: Hello, Domino’s?.. :wink:


I’ve gotten this out of KJFK “start, taxi 70 yards shutdown, we’ll call you on your cell phone. You’re number…79.” Yes #79! They did call about 65 minutes later.

Did you know you can get pizza delivered to the ramp, or the FBO and they bring it out 8)


I’ll go you one better. We taxied for 2 1/2 hours at JFK one night, nose to tail,solid line of airplanes the whole time. We came out of the GA ramp, taxied SE on Quebec and Alpha, turned a 180 just before “the 4s”, back NW on Bravo and Papa, 180 onto rwy 13R southbound to Kilo for a departure on 4L. I figure we taxied about 8 miles! And all this for a charter from JFK to MVY!!!



Seems like TEB always liked to get you out on the taxiways and then tell you it would “be a while”. This usually meant sitting so long you didn’t have fuel to destination anymore, so you could taxi back to fuel and lose your spot, or tell the PAX they were gonna get an unplanned pit stop halfway to wherever. I would have launched and then declared a fuel emergency into Newark just to get out of TEB !!!


I’ve never had that problem, they usually keep 8 or so planes in the hold pad, and whenever NY center lets a few out, Gate control lets a few more start up and taxi out.
They do the best they can lot’s of times, but it’s still a crappy place to be.


I would never taxi on 2 engines at KTEB. EVER. I always started number 2 when I was number 2 in line.

I love Teterhole.


4 years flying for an owner who lived close to TEB. The plane wasn’t based there, but sometimes we’d be there 15 times a week on various trips. If I NEVER go back to TEB…well, you know the rest.


KLAS can be as bad at times… I’ve had a few with 90+ minute wait to taxi… Learned quickly to call** BEFORE** engine start.