http://flightaware.com/live/flight/TEC3420 shows “TEC” as “Tea Cyprus Ltd” … it’s not that.


I just saw this too. Seems to be regular (every business day) service between Hillsboro Oregon and SJC. Does anybody know what this is?



It’s the Intel shuttle, but I can’t find a reference to who is holding the certificate.


That was my guess. I wonder what the deal is with TEA Cyprus? Regardless, why would they structure it as a scheduled carrier rather than a private jet? Maybe has something to do with insurance or taxes?

I wonder if they sell tickets to third parties?


That’s who used to have the three-letter-designator.

I wonder if they sell tickets to third parties?

Nope :slight_smile:


Many private aircraft, especially shuttle and regularly operated flights use call signs rather than REG #. You do not need to be operating on a commercial certificate to apply for, receive or use a call sign. However a large aircraft like a 737 can not be operated Part 91, and are usually operated Part 125 (if my memory is working today). John Deer Tractors & Chevron are both examples of Part 91 flight departments that use call signs.


It was Swift.


For information on how call signs are assigned, see FAA publication 7340.1. You can also download a PDF version here.

Click here for other FAA air traffic publications. This page also includes changes for 7340.1.


Right, though TEC (or the radio telephony “TECJET”) isn’t in there yet. last change to 7340.1 was at the end of February, but they’ve been flying as TEC since 7-Jan … I’ve seen 6 aircraft flying as TEC: N325JF, N386CH, N486TM, N829RN, N926FM and N948AL. These are all ex-DNJ EMB-135ERs.


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