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I would very much welcome an “educational webinar” on the topic of how FlightAware can be used…

I have used FlightAware for years now, but do I know all there is to know about what FlightAware is actually able to serve with or what can be learned using FlightAware…? – I don’t think I do – I believe there is a huge amount of possibilities that I have not a clue about…and I would very much like to be informed more about the possibilities enabled by FlightAware – through an online webinar, perhaps split up in sessions if necessary…

I have found myself using flightradar24 much more than FlightAware, but that’s me, living close to LAX and trying to “catch” interesting planes – the two sites complement each other for me…and I don’t think I actually know either site particularly well, I just know enough to use them “productively” so to speak…

Sign me up for your first webinar


How much would you be willing to pay…?.. Given that this is a free service…, I think it’s pretty good for what it does,… IMO…


…jim cander…I should have known…the one person I don’t want to have any communications with at all…
You seem to have “a thing” for me don’t you…? – …can we just agree to not EVER…bother with each other’s messages…? If I see your name – I will just steer clear of it – could you please reciprocate…? – …and the answer to your question is – Nothing. I would not be willing to pay anything…can you understand that…? – I have no “urgent need” for it…it’d be more in the interest of FlightAware to offer some sort of organized information online event – and it should OBVIOUSLY not be a “paid for” proposition…if you can’t understand that, well that’s just too bad…
…enough “triple-periods” for you…?

It is because of you that I haven’t posted anything for months…I hoped that by now you might have “disappeared” somehow and wouldn’t reply – but no…you are the FIRST one to “jump in”…

…so can we just STEER CLEAR of each other…? – No More communication – Ever…?



First off, what do you want to get from FlightAware (FA)? For what do you use it, and what have you done to educate yourself about its products and capabilities? Have you read thru the FAQs? Have you perused the discussion forums to see what others are doing?

Aside from your reply to jim cander sounding quite defensive, you stated " it’d be more in the interest of FlightAware to offer some sort of organized information online event ". I don’t follow your logic there. FA is a for-profit organization and the purpose of a webinar would be to generate interest that would in turn generate revenue. How do you see your suggestion fitting into that framework? Have you approached FA management with this suggestion? You can find their contact information on the left panel of the webpage.

BTW (By the Way) the three dots are called Ellipsis ( Ellipsis (plural ellipses; from the Ancient Greek: ἔλλειψις, élleipsis, “omission” or “falling short”) is a series of dots that usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning.)


nearLAX and jimcander is the new JHEM and damiross.

I sometimes miss those days…


I’m not worthy of that comparison. no matter which side I would be. I just don’t get the endless … and the idea that there would ever be a need for a “webinar” on how to use FA.


If you build an ADS-B receiver, you are eligible for a free enterprise account. The following benefits also apply.

“Users sending ADS-B data to FlightAware will see live (non-delayed) data [from their receiver], have their own data highlighted on FlightAware track logs, see additional information on ADS-B from elsewhere, receive custom statistics and more information on ADS-B sites around the world.”


I am not sure if I am using all the tools on this site right,i try and look up flight from an airport for later tonight,and a lot don’t show up why?


What airport are you looking up? What flights are not showing up that you expect to show up?