Editing Photos?

I have accidentally added a photo to my N number that does not belong, how do I remove it?

Just edit the tag to reflect the correct N-number.

I did, but unfortunately it is still there.

I edited the tag for you.


But unfortunately the photo still appears under my N number.


If you enter 210sy into the flight tracker, it will show my last flight. Beside the N number, it shows “registration”, “photos”, and somethings else. If you click “photos”, it shows 2 photos. One is N6116Y (which is the one I want to delete) and the other is N210SY.


Can’t answer the photo question, but was wondering, how many waypoints did ATC assign you have in your last flight?

Did the oil temp even come up to operating values? :stuck_out_tongue:

Question for Mark.

Seeing more and more of flightaware.com/live/flight/N210 … X/tracklog where there is no data available. This flight was only 22 days old.

It was a short VFR FF trip out of LEX to FFT. About 20 minutes total and yes it get to full temp. My mechanic is in FFT and I was having my cylinders checked for recall.

I’m just messing.

Flight Aware showed 4 minute flight time thus me commenting on oil temp.

That probably explains maybe no track log? Hope Mark can answer that one.