Eclipse Aviaton receives 100m$ investment from a criminal ?


Some of you have maybe noticed, but Eclipse aviation got a real important investment from ETIRC …

The problem is, that ETIRC with the Hollander Roel Pieper got most of his money by selling options from a Belgium company that went shortly afterward in bankrupcy (Lernaut and Hauspie)

Roel Pieper had to go to the Belgium court today explaining why he as a CEO of L&H sold all of his options shortly before the company wen’t into bankrupcy, without informing the authorities witch is mandatory to do. In the USA you go to jail for this for a very longtime…

My grandmonther always said to me : “If you do business with a Hollander and he doesn’t cheat you, it’s because he have forgotten it…”

Let’s hope it’s not the case for Eclipse…the Eclipse 500 for the Euro and Russia market will be made in Russa, not in USA…


Either way, Eclipse has a slim chance of making it another 10 years. Even if they could capture 100% of the anticipated VLJ market, it still won’t be enough to break even.


Can you elaborate on how you reach that conclusion?


Sure, mostly from this what I’ve read by Richard Aboulafia, including this article…

And of course this blog is also entertaining.

But basically, the FAA estimates nearly 5,000 VLJ deliveries in the next 10 years. Of course this is borderline ridiculous, and other private organizations are estimating closer to 3,000. According to Vern, Eclipse needs to deliver 500 aircraft a year to break even and 750 to be “comfortable”. So, 500 a year for the next 10 years is 5000 deliveries(100%+), but what about Cessna and Cirrus and Diamond and Embraer and Epic… etc… and it seems the Eclipse is still in the business of borrowing money and haven’t yet started making any… but this is just speculation…


I’m not going to get into whether or not Eclipse will be able to survive or even thrive over the short term, my crystal ball is fuzzy, but I think you’re all selling Vern a bit short by limiting productivity/sales solely to the US.


From what I can find, market estimates between 4000 and 8000 VLJ deliveries globally in the next 10 years. And I think there are currently about 14 different manufacturers competing for that market. I know that’s a wide margin, but even if we say the market booms and there are 8000 to 10,000, 500 a year break even and 750 a year “comfortable”. I personally believe that’s a hard pill to swallow…


You know what they say about Opinions :open_mouth:


…along with every other VLJ manufacturer. There is too many companies for the demand.


Reading your guys numbers make it sound very unbelievable, not that i don’t follow your numbers, it’s just, how can an airplane company receive so many money, make such a descisions with these numbers ?

Just unbelievable… seems to be Roel Piper is the right man on the job, to sell an unrealistic dream…

I heard in the last interview the CEO of Eclipse gave that they had a few more orders to their total figure, but not really alot… so that means they indeed got 95% of their orders only from Dayjet ? OMG!!


Your entitled to your own opinion, as long as its mine??? :smiley:


Reminds me of that great old line, “If I had wanted your opinion, I would have given it to you.”


Waw!!! Great post!!


By the way, is shutting down, so better go get all the good Eclipse dirt before its gone. Apparently some Eclipse cohorts are putting the pressure on…


i quote from the blog:

And now that Eclipse intends to bed down with some folks who may not know how to play nice, it is time for me to suspend this blog so as not to become a lightning rod for retribution from ABQ or Europe.

I think the Pieper guy got directly at that blog… i really hope the eclipse500 get’s true…


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I’m pretty sure Eclipse cannot transfer their Production Certificate outside of their ABQ facility, without FAA approval. I suppose they’ll have to rely on a Russian Airworthiness Certificate for now, but who would buy that?


Isn’t this the same company whose first delivery went from ABQ to… ABQ?


I had my Mustang parked next to an Eclipse plane in South Florida. The FBO also served as a “DayPort” for DayJet. I had the chance to speak with two of the DayJet pilots about their Eclips and at the same time they were curious about by Mustang. They did not have a good thing to say abut the plane or their jobs really. Apparently they are having a lot of issues with the pitot static system and its causing major problem for their istruments. I looked in the cockpit and they had back-up instruments mounted all over the place. (I am talking above and beyond what came with the plan. Like they slapped these back-up instruments everywhere because their primaries were unreliable. ). I don’t see the DayJet model working or Eclipse. I think Mustang has captured a reable VLJ market and I think Embrajer will come in and share it with them. Piper, Diamond and Cirrus might introduce their Personal Light Jets (single engine) and capture a market for upgrading pilots from Malibu, Meidians, etc.