Easiest way to set up PiAware


Any tips on setting up a PiAware?


I used an image from https://www.adsbreceiver.net/2018/04/07/version-2-6-2-is-here/


(1) If you want Piaware + Salad :slight_smile: (other data feeders, performance graphs etc), then see @coxyb76 post above.


(2) If you want to feed only Flightaware, and dont want any Salad, download and write the image from this page

Download link


Thanks . My fiancee was a pilot i would have had him help but he passed away last year in a paramotor crash

Heather Powell


I’m very sorry to hear that.


For a first pass, go for Option 2 above. Get your site working and then you can play with it.


Latest revision came out on the weekend https://www.adsbreceiver.net/2018/06/23/version-2-6-3-released/


Yes, but it’s not the latest version of PiAware.