DUMP1090 Web connection refused in China

hey gang,

I have a new station set up in Shanghai China and it is sending / receiving positions/planes fine, but there are certain issues that i’d like to address.

I can’t seem to access the web portion of dump-1090 (the default :8080 port one). I just get a connection refused. I’ve never had an issue arise when it came to that before. I’ve tested the server before coming here and everything worked just fine. Does the web service use anything Google related, such as reliant on Google maps? Since Google is blocked here, is the web server having trouble and is just refusing connections and/or shutting down? It’s not my firewall since i’m accessing it using an internal IP and it is the correct IP because I am connected to it via SSH. A quick check suggests that my port 8080 is indeed open.

Also, i’m getting a lot of “50% of multilateration messages (UDP) are not reaching the server - check your network?” Is it suggesting that data sent by my unit is not being received or is it that my unit is not receiving UDP packets sent by FlightAware servers?

Thanks for any help!!

The local map does use google maps, but behind the great firewall I would expect that to manifest as a page that doesn’t load properly rather than an outright connection refused.

The UDP multilateration traffic is from piaware towards the FA servers.

Thanks for the reply, obj! You’re always there for me =D

It is indeed strange that the Google block manifests as a Connection Refused instead of a site where objects don’t load. I know that port 8080 is open, and I am just trying to access it via internal IP. It just seems like the web server attempts to load the site but since it can’t get to Google, it just refuses to load any site at al. Really don’t know and won’t be able to know unless I direct all traffic somehow through a VPN.

It’s interesting that some of the data piaware is sending is not making it to FA servers. It may also be the Great Firewall issue, but I will move the device closer to the main router to see if its packet drop from hoping through a wireless extender. I do not have admin access to the gateway modem since I think China Telecom does not give that information out. It could have something to do with the gateway blocking some of the traffic.