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DUMP1090 (telegram) bot


Hey all!

I am looking for a method to get an alert of certain flights when it is received by my receiver, is this possible with the DUMP1090 of flightaware? Preferably the alert via telegram

Regards Dion


You will need to use additional software and probably customize to do what you want.
Don’t you need a mobile phone to send telegram messages, thought it was not possible without one.

Anyway the following is software to send mails, maybe that’s what you are looking for.
You need to change the radar php if you are using the current dump1090-fa version.
The discussion on that is the last about 20 posts.



AboveTustin is an ADS-B Twitter Bot running on a Raspberry Pi 2. It tracks airplanes and then tweets whenever an airplane flies overhead.


I get emails for specified aircraft using this…