Get an email when specific flights are nearby

I implemented this and it seems to be working. You provide a list of flight/tail numbers (the “flight” column on the dump1090 web page), along with your email address. Whenever one of these flights/tail is picked up by your receiver, you’ll get an email. I’m using it to be notified when the Lancaster bomber is nearby to give me time to get my camera and go outside. If I wait until I hear it overhead, it’s gone by the time I get my act together!

There are two versions. One uses MySQL and the other doesn’t. I installed the “without” version. I added a CRON job to start it at boot, and a logrotate.d entry to keep the log file under control. …will see how it goes.

You need to be able to use a text editor and the command line interface in order to install this. The code is found here:

Great! Thanks for sharing.
Will give it a try tomorrow.

I have discovered this chews up a fair bit of CPU. It looks at all the messages on port 30003, I think.

I’m looking at another option that reads the json file, but that’s not working yet, mostly because I don’t know Python and the sample code is in Python. :frowning:

Hello, I like seeing contrails, and wish to receive an alert/email when an aircraft is at high altitude and comes within about 50 miles of my location.

Could one of you clever chaps write something like that please?

Thanks, B