Found two very cool adsb add-ons - AboveTustin and FlightAirMap


yesterday i stumbled over two very very nice extensions for dump1090 - so maybe others are interested too …

  1. kevin brandons 'above tustin’
    this is a fully automated twitter-bot written in python that posts flights with screenshots from skyview on twitter. you can set this to your home-location or wherever you want :slight_smile:

  2. ysuracs 'flightairmap’
    a very advanced and stylish airmap written in php that can display your flights like skyview



Hi Tom, thanks for sharing those extensions, I’m interested in the first one.

Does anyone know if that extension can be used with dump1090-fa? otherwise I’m going to evaluate switching to dump1090.



I tried FlightAirMap a while back. Worth a look but is not the easiest to get working. Also resource hungry because of the all the things it is doing.

Probably time for me to take another look.

Not interested in the first one - what is Twitter? :wink:


Has anyone able to get the Twitter add on to work? I went through with Joe’s script and installed the AboveTustin and added my keys, but still get nothing showing on my Twitter account. Thanks.