Dump1090-mutibility - understanding message routing


I have seen the nice block diagram referred to on this site as to how the dongle, dump1090 and piaware (fa-mlat-client & faup1090) fit together.

If I understand correctly dump1090-mutibility receves mlat from piaware on port 30104 and my own receive of an malt from the dongle. I never see an mlat plane coloured differently in my planes table (web view). It is either white background (I have received) or green (full positioning, from piaware mlat?).

I also note that when I have been tracking a plane and it loses mlat it goes from green to white (background) but if I click on it in the table, the historic track (and aircraft symbol) appear. Without selecting it, the aircraft is not shown on the map. I undertand this is consistent with my aircraft received without permision.

2 questions

  1. Can I show the mlat aircraft in blue as suggested in the dump1090-mutiibility files)?
  2. Can i show all teh tracks and (last) position of aircraft that I am still getting signals fro, but no position from malt?