dump1090 mutability not showing map

Hello friends:

I am running dump1090 mutability under raspbian.
It is running fine and i am feeding data to some web sites.

My only problem is local web access to port 8080 is not running.
It is not showing map or watches.
Only shows some letters.

Attached you have an image.

What is happening? How could i solve it? A lot of thank’s.


dump1090-mutabilty no longer provides an internal webserver; use an external webserver (e.g. the debian packaging integrates with lighttpd)

What you are seeing on the right is a part of the page, so the web server is running. Double check that by clearing your browser’s cache and reloading the page. So, something else is hanging it up. Is this a dump1090-mutability installation, or the Ver 3 PiAware? If mutability is still using google maps, then new installations need an API key. Old installations are grandfathered, unless your external IP address changes.

You can find instructions in this forum to get and install a google API key. But, unless you have your heart set on using the mutability variant, why not just get the PiAware Ver 3 image? It is all set up and just runs.

We need someway to get the maps displayed when we have lighttpd installed and not the internal webserver. Its no use saying get a pre-built image, that’s just no help to anybody. Has anyone got any USEFULL suggestions?

Did I say to use a pre-built image? No, I didn’t.

Use the Debian package which provides a configuration that integrates with lighttpd (the package is provided in source form, you can build it on whatever debian-like system you like); or if you don’t want to use the debian packaging, then look at the packaging scripts as a starting point and do your own integration. If you don’t have the knowledge required to do either of those, then you should really be looking at a pre-built image or finding someone who is willing to walk you through it (that’s not me, I’m afraid)

Well, actually you did

That is not me. If you’re going to complain about something, quote the right person.