Dump1090-mutability + Flight Radar 24 ?

Can FR24 be installed on the latest Piaware version and dump1090 mutability 1.15 ??

I looked at this last week when I set up my Pi2, The now preferred FR24 feeder [with NTP based MLAT] wants to use their own dump1090 version.

see forum.flightradar24.com/threads/ … #post66479

The old (non-MLAT) feeder is compatible with the current DIMP1090 … feed.flightradar24.com/raspberry-pi/

There was a potential issue because the FA MLAT feeds MLAT position data back into DUMP1090 (for local display) … I don’t know if the latest versions of DUMP1090 have been fixed to allow that not to be fed forwards since doing so is probably something FR24 or FA might not appreciate.

You can’t use dump1090-mutability with FR24 mlat because they have gone in their own, incompatible, direction with how they extract timing info. (I am somewhat amazed that they can get any usable data at all with their approach - their accuracy must be terrible)

Trying to get any sort of response out of FR24 is next to impossible - they don’t reply to their email, they don’t answer posts on their forum. I don’t see dump1090-mutability supporting FR24 mlat unless that changes.

The current FA dump1090 package, and dump1090-mutability 1.15~dev, default to not forwarding mlat positions that they receive, unless you explictly enable that forwarding with the --forward-mlat option. Other dump1090 versions are likely to forward everything.

I will stick with Mutability. I prefer FA over FR24 anyway. Plus the support on this forum is awesome.

With my systems running dump1090-mutability 1.15~dev I am using FlightRadar24’s non-MLAT 1.0.13-2 version and everything works well enough. :slight_smile:


I am also running DM 1.15. Why run the non MLAT version of piaware?

My mistake, I meant FlightRadar24’s non-MLAT 1.0.13-2 version of their fr24feed application… I’ll go back and correct my posting.

It really annoys me that FR24 are so ready to lock people out of being able to feed others with our own equipment, however thier attitude is no suprise (note, I have tamed down this rant).

Well, it’s worked with me. I’ve stopped feeding them.