dump1090-mutability commit 4711eaf '--net-fatsv-port' error



I updated to the dump1090-mutability tip code today and it no longer starts on my ubuntu system, reporting ‘Unknown or not enough arguments for option ‘–net-fatsv-port’’.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure dump1090-mutability sets ‘FATSV-format output connections (0 disables) on port 10001’

I am running piaware 2.1-5.

I’m assuming this has something to do with commit 4711eaf / fix #92 - rolling back to #1a2926b resolves the issue.

Apologies if this is still a work in progress… Just thought this might help if someone is seeing the same issue.



–net-fatsv-port was removed because it’s no longer used (piaware has not used data on that port for some time now).

If you run into more problems, can I get you to report them as github issues.


Thanks for confirming… Will do.