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Dump1090 map orientation

I have a new office only 3 miles away from LIRF so bought a NESDR Mini 2 dongle and compiled dump1090 on my Mac.
Love it !!! :slight_smile:
Is there a way to orient the map not to with north up on my screen but map it to the real terrain orientation (I see LIRF tower just in fron of my window) ?
Also a minor cosmetic thing. How do I change the two little time clocks to leave one on UTC but the other on LT (they are now both on UTC) ?
Thank you very much.

You can run raspi-config to set the correct timezone for the raspi. That should do it i believe.

On turning the map:

So you hold alt and shift and then try moving the map and it turns it instead.

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Wow thank you so much for your super quick help.
The second point is spot on !!! Very useful Thank you.

On the first one I am running on a Mac under MacOS 10.13 not on raspberry/raspbian.

Oh right didn’t read that right.
Which exact dump1090 are you running?

dump1090-mutability with the builtin webserver?
Using lighttpd or some other webserver instead of the builtin one might help with the clock.

I would assume it’s not working because it’s mac os and some details regarding time are different.
Honestly besides trying another webserver i wouldn’t know how to help with that.

I used the mutability drop with the external nginx webserver as per this instructions:
worked flawlessly.

In your favorite editor open this file:


Edit: according to your guide you will find the script.js file in


Search for the second occurence of gmt.
In this line:

                        gmtOffset:      null,

replace null with
should look like this:

                        gmtOffset:      "-8",

Needs to be with quotation marks and comma at the end of the line.

Thank you very much will try.

Oh you will need to Ctrl-F5 in your browser, otherwise you get the old version.