Dump1090-fa okay on Mac M1, but how to see airplanes?

Hey guys,

I managed to download dump1090-fa from Github and after some tweaks I was able to compile it on macOS Ventura. It runs fine in text mode.

I thought there is a possibility to display the planes on a map but I have no idea what to do. (I also found a very old dump1090 version with an integrated web server. This runs fine on localhost:8080)

But how to do this with the new dump1090-fa version?

I saw there is a “piaware” software, but this seems to be for the Raspberry Pi.
Is there any way to get the maps displayed on a Mac M1?
If yes, what steps to do?

check tar1090, this is an independent map which might run on a Mac as well with some tweaks.
A web server is required, but normally shipped with tar1090 during install.
It should bring up the interface if dump1090 is working properly

The webserver was not really “integrated” but installed with lighttpd additionally


This may help

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You should be able to use the Python web server as described in this article to get a SkyAware map.


Tried this first and it works perfectly!

@toaopeter What tweaks do you have to make? I wasn’t able to compile it on macOS Ventura. Thanks.

Hi Jim, I am really sorry. Because it runs NOW I can’t reproduce what I did back then. I should have written it down, but I didn’t. Sorry, man!