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Dump1090 evolutions are difficult to follow...


Indeed: I’m newbee to the ADS-B flight tracking, and I have spend some times to understand what software was needed to achieve that. And I finally found that all the pyramid was built on the base of DUMP1090. But… it’s hard to follow the evolution of this essential brick. Looking Inside GitHub and browsing web, I understand that:

  1. Initial release of DUMP1090 was made by antirez (Salvator Sanfilippo).
  2. A improved release was made and maintained by Malcom Robb, that became “THE” reference !
  3. Flightaware, develop their own release (DUMP1090_mr forked from Malcom Robb) that include the module for compressing data (fadump - data sent on port 10001).
  4. Then, I read that Mutability has made major improvements.

So, I first start with Malcom Robb “standard” that works fine for me. Then, I decide to move to DUMP1090_mr, that again works fine. I do not want to move to Mutability release, until this one was stabilized.

But today, browsing GitHub, I discover that:

  • no more Malcom Robb repository exists (but, was present some days agos).
  • the flightaware repository no more contain a DUMP1090_mr, but a new DUMP1090. This recent one is from Mutability (forked from Malcom Robb release - that of course… no more exist at GitHub).

Hey, what this change :open_mouth:
What version is the more stable and “official” at flightaware :question:

As far as I understand, it look like that Malcom Robb abandon the development of DUMP1090 and Mutability become de-facto “THE” reference ?

The MalcolmRobb repo is still on github: github.com/MalcolmRobb/dump1090

OK, Thanks.
Never mind… it seems that there is something wrong in the GitHub search function: when entering text “dump1090” it display only 40 entries but not the MalcomRobb repository, that why I couldn’t find it :mrgreen:. Also tried to search “malcomrobb” and GitHub return… nothing ! poor search tool :unamused:

Umm, unstable??? No, it’s solid.

Every issue that I’ve seen on here is rooted in something other then dump1090-mut.