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Dump 1090 and vdl2


Hello there,
I want to get vdl2 running but I still have problems.
After reboot dump is taking over one random receiver, so the dump is connected to the 1090 mhz antenna OR the 137 Mhz one. Not really the optimal constellation.
So I need help

  1. How can I tell dump1090 to use a specific receiver (1090 Antenna) and not the other one?
  2. Autostart and background running of vdlm2dec

Thanks for your help



You can set rtlsdr-device-index in piaware-config to the serial number of the dongle to use for 1090 (you can write a serial number using rtl_eeprom)



Details (step-by-step) of the method suggested by @obj :

How to Change Serial Number of Dongle - ADSB 1090 + UAT 978 Dongles Plugged Into Same Pi


abcd567, you have done amazing work for the entire community with all of your “For Beginners” and “How to’s”. is there a way to put them all in one location on this forum so those of us who need your advice can find easily?
i have suggested in the past that FA add a drop down to include all of your, wiedehopf’s and others work but it appears no one liked my suggestion (this happens to a lot of my suggestions)!


Added this post to above thread few minutes ago:

Alternate method on Windows: Changing Serial Number of Dongle by RTL1090