How to Change Serial Number of Dongle - ADSB 1090 + UAT 978 Dongles Plugged Into Same Pi

All generic DVB-T have serial # 00000001, and all Pro Stick and Pro Stick Plus have serial # 00001000.

The two dongles on same Pi require different serial numbers to be selectively picked by dump1090 and dump978. For example, if the dump1090 config is set to device=0 and dump978 is set to device=1, and dongles serial numbers are also changed to 00000000 and 00000001, the two dumps will connect to respective dongles. If 1090 mhz antenna is connected to dongle with serial # 00000000, and 978 mhz antenna is connected to dongle with serial # 00000001, the system will work ok.

How to Change Serial Number of A Dongle

In tutorial below it will be changed from default 00000001 to 00000000.

(A) Dongle Plugged into Raspberry Pi


First stop the dump1090 to make Dongle free for use by rtl tools.

#Give one of the command according to version of dump1090 you have installed
#If you are not sure of version, give all three commands one by one
sudo systemctl stop dump1090
sudo systemctl stop dump1090-mutability
sudo systemctl stop dump1090-fa



Install package rtl-sdr, if not yet done.
The tool rtl_eeprom is part of package rtl-sdr

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rtl-sdr



Now give the command rtl_eeprom -s 00000000 to reset the serial number
The last line of output will ask confirmation to go ahead with change.
Type y and press Enter key

rtl_eeprom -s 00000000
Found 1 device(s):
  0:  Generic RTL2832U OEM

Using device 0: Generic RTL2832U OEM
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner

Current configuration:
Vendor ID:              0x0bda
Product ID:             0x2838
Manufacturer:           Realtek
Product:                RTL2838UHIDIR
Serial number:          00000001
Serial number enabled:  yes
IR endpoint enabled:    yes
Remote wakeup enabled:  no

New configuration:
Vendor ID:              0x0bda
Product ID:             0x2838
Manufacturer:           Realtek
Product:                RTL2838UHIDIR
Serial number:          00000000
Serial number enabled:  yes
IR endpoint enabled:    yes
Remote wakeup enabled:  no
Write new configuration to device [y/n]? y

#After typing y and pressing Enter key, you will get this confirmation message
Configuration successfully written.
Please replug the device for changes to take effect.



(B) Dongle Plugged into Windows Computer


Install dvb-t rtl driver zadig if not yet done so, as detailed below.

(1) Download Zadig 2.3.exe from

(2) Plug the DVB-T or ProStick in your Windows Computer.

(3) Follow the steps below:

  1. Double click Zadig 2.3.exe to run it.
    The window below will open.



  1. On main menu, click “Options”.
    On the drop-down, place a check mark beside “List All Devices”.


  1. From list of devices, select “RTL2838” which is actually DVB-T/ProStick.
    Now click button which will either say “Install Driver” or “Reinstall Driver”



Download from here:
Download Link:

Web Page:
(scroll down to bottom of page to find download link)


(a) First EXIT your dump1090 for windows, or RTL1090 or ModeSdeco2 or any other software which is using DVB-T to make the Dongle free for test.
(b) Un-zip It will create a folder RelWithDebInfo.
Inside this folder there is another folder rtl-sdr-release which contains several files and 2 folders named x32 and x64.
(c) Go to folder x32. You will find many rtl tools in it as shown in the screenshot below.



In folder x32, right-click and create New Text Document


Open the New Text Document and type
rtl_eeprom -s 00000000



Save the file as change-serial.bat
While saving, make sure that

  1. File name contains .bat at the end
  2. “Save as type” is selected “All Files”
    Please see screenshot below.


Double click the file change-serial.bat to run it


Upon double clicking the file change-serial.bat, command console will open, with last line asking confirmation to change serial number.
Type y and press Enter key. The serial number will change and command console will close immediately.



To check if the number has actually changed, again double click the file change-serial.bat, and it will show changed serial number.
Type n and press Enter key to close console


The above instruction writes to the EEPROM on the prostick or RTL dongle. It will persist until over written.

You don’t need to set this if you only have one prostick. PiAware will use the first dongle it finds. This is used for people with multiple prosticks or RTL dongles. You can then set a specific dongle to be used every time on startup.

PiAware will use the serial number or device index by setting piaware-config rtlsdr-device-index

piaware-config rtlsdr-device-index 00001000


You are right. This is basically useful where two dongles, one for 1090 mhz, other for 978 mhz are used.

An example is Nooelec’s bundle for stratux, which has 2 serialized dongles for correct connection to 1090 and 978 antenna+dongle combo.

NooElec Dual-Band NESDR Nano 2 ADS-B (978MHz UAT & 1090MHz 1090ES) Bundle For Stratux
"Each SDR is lab-calibrated and serialized for easy Stratux installation. "

Alternate method on Windows:

Changing Serial Number of Dongle by RTL1090

If you have software RTL1090 installed on Windows, you can use it also to change serial number ofthe dongle.

Step-1: Open Command Promt, and give command *
C:\rtl1090>rtl1090.exe /eeprom

(My rtl1090.exe is located in folder C:\rtl1090 , that is why I have used this path. You have to use the path in your computer)

Step-2: Click START button on RTL1090 window.

Step-3: Set serial number and press Continue button.

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How To Install RTL-1090

1 - Download RTL-1090

Download Page:

Direct Download

2 - Download RelWithDebInfo

Download page:
Scroll down to bottom where you will see “Files (9)”. Click it to expand. The file “” is listed there.

Direct Download

3 - Unzip and copy files

3.1 - Unzip Both downloaded zip files

3.2 - From folder "RelWithDebInfo\rtl-sdr-release\x32\ ", copy rtlsdr.dll and libusb-1.0.dll to “rtl1090.beta3” folder


Contents of Folder "RelWithDebInfo\rtl-sdr-release\x32\ "



Contents of Folder “rtl1090.beta3”
RTL1090 Files