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After 4.0 upgrade, both the Pro Sticks failed

On one of my RPI’s, both the Pro Stick on 978 and the Pro Stick+ on 1090 failed. rtl_test -t
shows two radios with really long serial numbers, that are the same and I can’t change them. I replaced the Pro Stick with a new one and set the serial to 978 and 978 started working on that pi. I am still waiting for a new Pro Stick+ to arrive. THIS HAPPENED DURING THE AUTOMATIC UPGRADE. I created a new image on a new SD card and the problem still occurs.

Try following method.
Most likely it will succeed in restoring serial numbers.


If above method (i.e. using RTL1090) fails to restore serial number, try this one (using Windows command prompt):

This usually means a hardware problem (I know the symptom you’re describing, IIRC it’s actually poor error handling in librtlsdr, but the underlying failure is a USB error)

Couple of years ago I faced same problem, and IIRC, I fixed it by setting serial number in Windows. I am not sure I used RTL1090 or rtl_eeprom.exe