Dragon's Den


Does anyone know if any of the cast members of Dragon’s Den Canada own their own aircraft.


Does anyone know what the hell “Dragon’s Den Canada” is? :smiley:


Good contribution. Think “Shark Tank” on ABC. Get into pop culture.

I’d be curious to know too.


A quick check of google is a good place to start, I never heard DD but looking at the profiles of each ‘dragon’ cbc.ca/dragonsden/dragons.html I’d say they have more than enough money to do so.
realestategab.com/2011/09/28/col … fe-part-8/

According to video footage of the meeting the professor further insulted Jim Treliving by saying “Let’s not take a couple of more trips on the jet, and put (the money) into the company”. Jim had flown to the meeting in his private jet.

So in answer to your original question, at least one dragon, J.Treliving owns his own jet.