Drag mouse over Listings causes highlight on display..

  1. These might be a couple cool NEW capabilities: 8)

CAUTION: I know nothing about programming… :unamused:
:bulb: Have the Flight number text lists cause the map flights to highlight and get tag only while the mouse is over the Flight number Text… :bulb:
Same thing for the Aircraft type, it could just produce the common A/C types to display w/highlighted dots… common Airline, common destinations, :open_mouth: …etc.
The map could otherwise remain tagless unless the mouse is held over the flight text. Maybe even allow the tags to “freeze” or fade over a few seconds. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

:bulb: Strobe the flight trails to simulate motion and ilude to flight speed… :bulb:
Each trail strobes (back to front) for it’s full length at same timeframe as the others. short ones appear slow while long ones appear faster.

Remenber, I said I know nothing about programing :stuck_out_tongue:
So It’s easy to dream-up such niceties… But to put them into action?? :wink:

You guys have done such a fine job so far…:smiley:

(I used Way too many emoticons) :laughing::unamused: