Destination in data tag in new map display


I was delighted to see the new local map displays. Really a great enhancement! Of course, one thing leads to another…

So looking at the new map display, I was wondering where the transitioning (green) a/c were going. If it weren’t a lot of trouble to implement, it would be interesting to see the destination in the data tags. Practical value, probably none since the a/c enroute to the subject airport are already indicated in a different color (blue). Curiosity value, supercool.

I also noticed that data tags frequently collide in busy airspace. (Good thing the airplanes don’t!). Would be interesting if the tags could be distributed so they don’t overwrite each other, with leader lines if needed, but I’m sure much harder to implement.

Thanks for one of the greatest aviation sites I’ve ever seen!


The data blocks we have are replicas of the the data blocks that an air traffic controller would see. We plan to make each flight linked so you can click on it to get the flight’s page.
We use a bit of decluttering to make sure that none of the data blocks overlap, but that results in some flights not displaying a data block. Once we add magnification to the maps, you’ll be able to zoom in and see the data blocks for the flights of interest.


Fair enough, sounds good! I really like the way you’ve got all of the links set up in the a/c and airport windows now. That would give a convenient entry point into a lot of related information. I’ve noticed that anyplace on the site, if there is an airport or aircraft or type mentioned, the user can click the link to see details. Incredibly easy to navigate!

One step further on this:
On the map display consider displaying at least some of this information when the user hovers the cursor over the a/c symbol. At least origin and destination, maybe departure and arrival times, route, etc. Much of the other info is already in the data block. But it would make it much easier to see some of the info without having to completely click into a new page. Gets old clicking back and forth.

Thanks again for everything. Can’t help but be impressed!