Does any carrier operate a flight #666?

I saw a carrier operating a charter flight yesterday. It was flight 9665, which got me thinking, is there any US carrier which has a flight 666?

Europe has this flight: … /EKCH/EFHK

ANA, Ryanair, Air Arabia, flydubai, Egyptair, China Southern, Iran Air, Air Costa, and a few others do.

“Welcome aboard RyanAir flight 666. Today we’ll be taking you from Edinburgh down to Hell. Weather at our destination is about 570 degrees and very dark out. Enjoy your flight and welcome aboard RyanAir!”

I know Iron Maiden the Heavy Metal Band released an album titled Flight 666 and I believe the supporting tour they had a 757 painted up and Bruce Dickinson the lead singer of the band was the captain for all the flights on the tour and unless my memory is really going out the window the call sign was 666. I used to work for their management company at the time but it was a long time ago.

Ahh… you must mean Astreus and Ed Force One. Their flight was always 666. :wink:

You haven’t been to Hell (Michigan), have you? :smiling_imp:


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