Does Air Berlin really fly to Ft.Morgan Colorado?


Flight Aware says the use a 737-800 from Germany.


Please include Flight number. Is this what you are talking about: BER3235?

It appears they are filing a flight plan to FMM airport (without using the IATA code). This is Allgaeu Airport in Memmingen, Germany. FlightAware automatically adds a “K” if there is a 3 letter airport code, thus KFMM or Fort Morgan.



No, should be fixed before their next flight.


Which is strange, in my experience Eurocontrol is not afraid to kick a flight plan out of the system if a period is not in the right place. EDJA is the ICAO code that should be in the flight plan for Allgau/Memmingen. On the other hand fly nikki has an A320 scheduled into Fort Morgan today. Funny that out of the dozen scheduled flights two are filed to KFMM.


The eurocontrol data can only be redistributed to the operators and those operationally involved, so for the public we have to use airline data and we were missing the FMM/EDJA translation so we fell back to the other FMM we know of (KFMM).