Air Berlin, Flight #6602-- Airport Error

This flight is listed as flying from KFMM (Fort Morgan, Colorado) to EDDT (Berlin-Tegel, Germany). … /KFMM/EDDT

I have no doubt that the Berlin airport code and destination is correct, but I question the Colorado point. The flight has a duration of about 1hr:15min… a “too-good-to-be-true” short flight from Colorado to Germany.

Further research on Google reveals:

Both Fort Morgan Muni in Colorado and Memmingen Airport in Memmingen, Germany use “FMM” as an FAA/IATA code (respectively)…

… but only the Colorado airport uses “KFMM” as the ICAO code, and the proper ICAO for Memmingen should be “EDJA”.

I think this will clear up some confusion, and will help to properly map it as a German domestic flight-- which reflects the 1hour and 15 minute flight duration more accurately.

Thank you for your time,

– John O’Flaherty