Diverted SWA flight @ KOAK - 6 go arounds


I was on the golf course near the airport. I watched this flight do 6 go arounds.

All commercial flights for the next hour or so landed at the GA side of the airport.

Anyone know what happened?

btw - my first post!



call me rook! 8)


Diversion due to gear issues; nose gear collapsed on touchdown.


Most amazing thing - the 737, 757’s flew directly over us on the golf course. The wind noise, snapping, whipping wind was amazing.

Never heard that before.



That was the wake vorticies off the wings. Used to watch a/c land at KPIT from about 3000’ off the end and you could see and hear that too.


What’s next?

Some other guy complaining [not naming anyone, take note] that above-ground jet’s vortex turbulence are turning drives into slices and ruining putts???

Worst of all, he can’t track down the culprit on FA because tail# is blocked! OUCH! :laughing:




I head to KCLT every once in awhile, nice viewing area on one side, along with a sidewalk that allows you to walk around the perimeter fence. One day after every aircraft passed over our heads, you could hear the strangest “whispers”, sounded almost ghastly…could probably freak some unsuspecting non-aviation fan out quick.