Diversion to alternate


Northwest 45, an Airbus 330, just bailed out here outside the OM for 30Left. We have miserable weather just now. They requested and received a clearance to Sioux Falls SD. They must be short on fuel after the long haul from Amsterdam. Why don’t I see the track heading from MSP to Sioux Falls ? They were never out of radar contact.

J. Lee
St. Paul MN


I spoke too quickly. They just came up on screen, enroute to Sioux Falls.


When a plane nears the destination airport, controllers often send an arrival message to the system, even though the plane never actually landed. That’s why a second flight plan (and track) are created from MSP to FSD.


Interesting diversion on this flight!

Taking off from St. Johns Nfld bound for the UK and diverted to the Caribbean. Can someone explain that ‘alternate’ destination to me?


Probably got a call saying the plane’s operator needed to pick up/drop off some in Saint Martin.