Diversion, or "just visiting"?


When a flight is temporarily directed to another nearby airport because of bad weather (Ground Stop), why is this not a Diversion? We see many of these “visits” at TYR (Tyler, TX) and GGG (Longview, TX) when bad weather closes or delays DFW.


Hmmm, maybe I don’t understand the lingo, but I took it ground stops prevent departures, not prevent arrivals.

If a plane is in the air and decides to go to another aiport, that is a diversion. Much easier to divert to another airport then spin circles holding waiting for the airspace to get unclogged.


Do you mean it’s not showing on FA as a diversion? If so, my guess would be the way it’s entered in to the ATC system, or possibly it wasnt the alternate filed, but to obtain the clearance to that airport the flight plan is filed in such a way that it does’t show as a “diversion”.
I’m sure Dbaker or Mduell could probably answer the tech side of that . :wink:


Right - it is not showing on FA as a diversion. I set my alerts to notify me of diversions to DFW and TYR. I always get a hit on a DFW diversion, but nothing ever shows up on TYR.

The comment from PFP217 helps to give a reasonable explanation.



I reread my post and I confused myself! :open_mouth: I meant to say the original alternate may have been different but GGG turned out to be the best place to land they may file a new plan.

Thinkin about the situation, it happened to the STL flights that diverted to SPI sometimes. It would show a flight from a particular intersection or sometimes even STL airport to here, instead of saying “diverted”

I’ve also seen several flights change their routing enroute, and depending on how it was filed, it would show an airport it was 35000 ft above as the departure point! I got all excited as it looked like a ABX 767 had diverted here. in reality, it was out of OAK or somewhere way out west, destined for I beleive InD or somewhere further east, and he simply altered his flight plan for some weather. The way ATC put it in it was set up from SPI to the next fix (the details escape me now).


They do issue ground stops for arrivals. It means they won’t release flights to take off to the affected airport, to prevent having large numbers holding or diverting. We see that quite often at MCW during weather events at MSP.


Regarding Ground Stops for arrivals - The email I received last Friday from AIS-AUTOMAIL@fly.faa.gov states "Ground Stop to [DFW], in effect for arriving traffic due to [WEATHER/THUNDERSTORMS].

I suppose this would apply to arrivals.


Yeah I’m thinking re-file as well, departure airport being the closest airport to where the flight was at the time.

One time, a JetBlue flight to JFK showed up departing KSEE. Original plan took them over Yuma on the way out (strange for a SAN-JFK flight). The monsoon storms were on a mission that day and clogged up J18’s corridor there. Since the nearby MOA was very hot (in more ways than one), they were given direct JLI (Julian), on to EED (Needles), which basically forced the re-file. Completely different set of J-ways there. The re-file went in just as their turn to JLI took them right over KSEE as they were entering the flight levels.