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Distance in miles for a Boeing 777-300!

I see that Philippine Air flies from LAX to CEB in a 15 Hr 15m Passenger route ?
My question is to anyone here, Is that a normal type of trip that they are making, because I felt that not doing any sort of “stop over” would be stretching the ability of that type of Aircraft ? Maybe I am just asking a silly question here. :thinking:

BA say the range of their 777-300s is 14,685km (9,125 miles).

There is an ER version that has a longer range

You can search ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards) for more details.
Qantas plans to fly JFK to SYD non-stop soon. They plan to use 787-9s

I grew up in Sydney and live in NYC so am looking forward to this flight.

Thanks jonhawkes2030 Sir, Well I am booked on a Philippine Air flight in November and to me it seems a huge distance (without) a stop over in say South Korea as I have normally done in the past with another couple of Airlines ???