Distance between me and the planes I watch!

Feature idea for the PiAware Webpage

I love watching the planes moving around me and seeing who is who. but one thing that I would like to see is distance rings (like 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 miles) to where we can figure out how far planes are from us. Another idea would be to click on the plane where we see all the info, and have it set to show us the distance from us. this would be great info showing us where our strong directions and weak directions are.

If I am missing something, please point it out, but I have not found it yet.


I agree with you. It will be a very useful option.

Go to My ADS-B, then click on the link View Live Data. That will show you a map of all the planes your receiver is picking up. If you click on a plane, if you’ve had the browser window open for a while, you see a path where the plane has been. You also see all the details of the plane. If flightaware has details on the plane, you will also see a link to these details.

I am aware of that, but there are no rings to show distance… I would like to be able to see the distance from me. The view live data just shows the planes.

This is what you want and how to do it. You can change the ranges or add more