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Own adsb flight tracking

is there a way that i can view just the planes that i am uploading to FA on the big map? im new to upping the data to here but not new to viewing my data that i am recieving and was just wondering. or at least be able to see what im upping to the map

I am also interested if there is a way to see planes I am uploading to flightaware. Planefinder.net has introduced a new uploading software for Raspberry Pi, and it shows on a google map what planes you are uploading to planefinder.

If you want to see what planes you are picking by your system, you can see it on your computer using following software:
Windows: Virtual Radar Server or adsbScope

If dump1090 is installed on Raspberry Pi, and you want to see map on your desktop on same network (LAN), type in your browser:

http: //:8080/gmap.html

Where is something like, and can be found from your internet router’s settings.

For desktop with Linux, and dump1090 software installed on desktop, and receiver connected to desktop:

http: //localhost:8080/gmap.html


i started out with vrs and have just now switched to plane plotter and i can see it on their map but its crappy quality and i oike the map here so i was hoping there was a way to view my upped data on the big map some how