Displayed altitude

Why was the altitude on the latest flight of our aircraft shown as 9000 feet when the actual altitude was FL 190?


Mike Fritzshall

What’s the tail number? Do you mean in the Proposed or Actual column, or in the tracklog?

N3648B. It was in the actual column and the track log. Also, between 3:08 and 3:15 PM CST the track log shows altitude deviations of 3000 feet. I have a message into the pilot to confirm his altitude, and am awaiting his reply.

I think Chicago TRACON was having some technical difficulties and providing data that was not consistent with the data from Chicago Center.

Actually, I found out late last night that he did make the flight at 9000 feet. It is very unusual for us to fly the airplane that low since it is turbo charged and pressurized. I am still awaiting his reply concerning the altitude deviations. That may be a tracon problem.