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Done a bit of googling and not found an instance where anyone has used a nextion display on a Pi to show received data?? I figure it’s not going to be a plug and play for the average install. I’m also not likely to figure it out. My skills at linux make me look like a bench warmer at a paint drying festival.

How do I get the dump1090 data to spit out the GPIO serial port? I’"m guessing that will be step one.

I think that using data from aircraft.json (/var/run/dump1090-fa/aircraft.json) that dump1090-fa produces and write the parsed and formatted data to the proper GPIO pins should work.
Have only done display things on Arduinos but it shouldn’t be too different on a Pi.

There are some good tips here: https://www.itead.cc/blog/how-to-use-nextion-to-work-with-raspberry-pi.

I would use Python and the Segnix API to make it work, shouldn’t be too hard even for a novice with some time on their hands :slight_smile:

sounds tricky but i’m interested. Sounds like a fun project.

Not helping too much… the orange FlightAware boxes are basically a dongle, Pi and display connected together. So the code is already out there…

They don’t display traffic.

True. I meant that the hardware is there, connected.

I suppose that’s just a choice, not to show the traffic, to reduce the CPU usage.

I get what you’re saying. Definitely something that can be done.lets see what I can dig up and go from there. Thanks for the input