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Display of aircraft


Looking for some help in trying to find out how I can display the same aircraft on my laptop that I see on my iPad.

When I view my PiAware unit on my iPad I will see the same aircraft that are on the laptop but the iPad will have other
aircraft displayed. When I look at the aircraft that is in my recent flights list on FlightAware the aircraft that are on
the iPad are listed. Its almost like a filter is being applied to the laptop to limit what it can display.


Looks like it was the iPad that was holding the aircraft on the screen when they should have been removed.
I’ll let the iPad go back to sleep mode for a while and see if that is what it is.

I did a new connection to the PiAware unit from the iPad and the data was the same.


When the iPad goes to sleep it will create what I seen. Looks like it will do the same to a laptop as well.