Difficulties accessing some FlightAware Services


Some users may be experiencing problems accessing or using FlightAware services such as e>metar or the discussion forums. These services are occasionally unavailable due to a misunderstanding created by Global Crossing (NSDQ: GLBC). As a result of the misunderstanding, they have blocked traffic to/from some FlightAware equipment from traveling over their Internet backbone.

The only users consistently affected are directly or indirectly customers of Global Crossing; others will be largely unaffected. Additionally, e>metar data is unavailable because connectivity between FlightAware and the NOAA uses Global Crossing’s network.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to FlightAware members wishing to access the discussion forums as well as pilots that are unable to access weather data because of Global Crossing.

FlightAware.com live flight tracking, airport arrival/departure board customers, FlightAware “Non Stop” customers, and other services are not affected.

We are working with our network provider to explain Global Crossing’s mistake to them and working to have them resolve this issue.


Global Crossing corrected the problem approximately 36 hours after they created it.